Residential Leaf Pick up Service

The Hogansville Public Works Team operates a leaf crew to rid the city of leaves throughout the autumn months. The same crew also addresses streets, fleet maintenance, bulk trash pickup, cemetery openings, and general maintenance. Therefore, the city needs your cooperation in the proper placement of leaves for the overall safety of the community.

  • Leaves should be raked to the back of the curb on the grass or to the shoulder of the roadway. If you live in an area where cars are continuously parked, place the leaves at the edge of your driveway or as near to the driveway as possible.
  • Do not place leaves in the street as they can block storm water inlets, obstruct traffic and hinder street maintenance.
  • Sticks and other items are not to be placed in the leaf pile. Items other than leaves may cause clogs and possible equipment malfunction. Mixed piles may not be collected. Sticks should be placed in a separate pile.
  • Keep leaf piles no higher than three feet for safety.
  • Please keep leaves away from mailboxes, utility poles, guide wires, water valves and other obstructions.
  • Do not place leaves in bags or containers during leaf vacuum season.
  • Wet weather and other Public Works emergencies can delay the Leaf Crew from making rounds in the city. Therefore, we ask for your patience as it may take a week to 10 days to pick up your leaves.

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