Weather-Related Utility Issues

Good Afternoon, City of Hogansville! The bone-chilling temperatures that have left the region shivering this week is responsible for the overall increase in water main breaks throughout the city. A sudden drop in temperature shocks the pipes and when water temperatures drop below 40 degrees, the pipes become brittle and more susceptible to breaks. Public Works Crews are busy working today on many weather-related issues and a five-member overtime crew is slated to work Saturday to catch up with the number of water leaks throughout the city. Here is what our staff is currently focused on:

– There is an underground water leak on Johnson Street at East Main Street, between First United Methodist Church and First Baptist Church, that is awaiting repair. Crews believe this to be a service line. Rather than tear up this heavily-traveled road, staff plans to use a boring missile to install a new service line altogether. In the interim, crews have placed barricades, cones and sand to alert motorists and pedestrians of the possibility of black ice.

– There is what appears to be a service line leak in the 500 block of Green Avenue between Lawrence and Scott streets. Utility locates (811 “Call Before You Dig”) have been requested and staff is expected to address the leak shortly.

– The City is assisting the Hogansville Housing Authority with an emergency sewerage spill and blockage in the 200 block of Lawrence Street.

– A service line leak is awaiting repair in the 4800 block of Mountville Hogansville Road, closest to East Boyd Road.

– A service line leak is awaiting repair in the 300 block of Taliaferro Drive, closest to Maple Drive.

– A service line leak is awaiting repair in the 200 block of Greenough Street, Marshall and Baugh avenues.

– Despite being protected, some PVC lines serving the chlorination injection system froze overnight and is being repaired today. The system services inbound water purchased from the Coweta County Water & Sewerage Authority.

If you are a City of Hogansville utility customer and experience a service disruption, please contact City Hall at (706) 637-8629 during normal business hours. After-hours emergencies – natural gas, water, sewer or electric – should be reported to (706) 637-6648.

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