Hogansville Real Estate & Development Fact Sheet


Hogansville is located on I-85 South between Newnan and LaGrange. Its 45 minutes from the busiest airport in the world and half way between Georgia's two largest cities, Atlanta and Columbus. We're close to everything, but with small town charm.


Hogansville has a wide verity of specialty shops right on Main Street. We are 20 minutes or less from major shopping in Newnan (that's less travel time than some folks who live in Newnan) and 15 minutes from shopping in LaGrange. Major malls in Atlanta and Columbus are about 45 minutes away.


Hogansville is 20 minutes away from the new Piedmont Hospital in Newnan and 30 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic, from the LaGrange Hospital. West Georgia Physicians has a very active office in Hogansville.


Lake Jimmy Jackson is located about two miles from downtown Hogansville (1430 Blue Creek Road). The lake officially opened in 2019, giving residents and visitors amenities from swimming, lounging at the beach, and fishing from the pier. Hogansville completed new upgrades at Lake Jimmy Jackson in December 2020, including adding three pavilions, tables, benches and grills.  

Hogansville's Tower Trail is located beside Hogansville Elementary School, beginning at the former water tower and ending at Oak Street. The newest addition to the Tower Trail was opened in 2021, which connects the outdoor classroom to High Street beside Hogansville City Hall. 


Besides the approximately 550 jobs in downtown Hogansville, the Meriwether Industrial Park, bordering on the city, including Mando Industries, provides 426 jobs to the approximately 300 that are already at the Park. Forty-four acres of the Mando property falls inside Hogansville and we've formed a joint development authority to help administrate it. The Park is continuing to add new prospects. Jobs there should soon total about 1,200. Hogansville wholesales gas, water and sewer to the Park.


Troup County schools are among the best in West Georgia, ranking 39th out of 154th statewide. Hogansville is served by Hogansville Elementary, Callaway Middle School and Callaway High.


Hogansville has a wide verity of zoned land available including industrial, commercial, single family, townhomes and apartments. Additionally, there are over 2500 acres of vacant land around Lake Hogansville and Exit 28 on I-85.

City Government

Hogansville's city government share a pro-business/growth vision for the community. Long term goals have been set and adhered to. They lowered property taxes 2 mils 9 years ago and have kept them that low ever since. Additionally, Hogansville can now provide Tax Advantage Districts for new development.

Upgrades and amenities are funded with a creative mix of grants and fund raisers like the all volunteer Hummingbird Festival which brings over 20 thousand visitors to the city annually. The town has a small but professionally run police force. The crime rate is extremely low.

City Utilities


Hogansville's electric rate is one of the most competitive in the region. Also, the city has signed an O & M contract with Diverse Power to modernize our electric system.


Hogansville recently completed a new all plastic gas line system. There are few leaks.


Hogansville stopped water treatment about 4 years ago. We found that we could buy water cheaper than processing it with no capital outlay. We have pipelines and contracts for up to 2 million gallons of water a day from Coweta County and the City of LaGrange. We currently use about 400 thousand gallons a day and sell about 100,000 wholesale to Meriwether County and their industrial park located on Hogansville's city line. That leaves us approximately 1.5 MGD for expansion.


In 2020 the City's new upgraded Waste Water Treatment Plant was opened. The cost of the project was $8.706 million dollars.The project was funded by two USDA loans totaling over $5.5 million, a $2.5 million USDA grant, and $1.6 million from the Meriwether Sewer Authority for 25 percent ownership in the plant.  The plant increased the max flow from 650,000 gallons per day to 1.5 million gallons per day This necessary upgrade was needed for future developments that are expected in the coming years.