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Ultimately the property owner is responsible for what happens on their property. Check out the "Do I Need a Permit for That?" to learn what needs a permit and what doesn't in the City of Hogansville. Ensuring that your contractors have all proper permits, licenses and certificates is your responsibility. Building Permits must be displayed so as they are in full view from the street in front of your property. Permits are not to be nailed to trees. Please note that this information is not all inclusive. Please contact (706) 637-8629 or stop by City Hall during normal business hours — Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm — for more information regarding the permitting process. You can also submit questions using our contact form.  A searchable copy of the Hogansville Code of Ordinances library is posted online at

Authorized Permit Agent Form | pdf: Authorized Permit Agent Form

The Authorized Permit Agent form may be used by a State-licensed contractor to designate an individual to obtain permits on their behalf for a given project.

Burn Permit | Apply for a Burn Permit HERE!

Commercial Building Permit Application | Apply for a Commercial Building Permit

The City of Hogansville requires a building permit be obtained on all new construction and most repairs, both, interior and exterior. A permit is required on all aspects, to include: building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing. The fee schedule based on the cost of labor and materials is listed in the document below. Most permits may be issued the same business day after an application and all documentation is received. Documentation varies based on the type of permit needed. Please call the permitting office at City Hall for related information at 706-637-8629. Please note, effective July 1, 2008 Georgia Law requires all contractors obtaining a permit to possess a valid state contractor's license and be able to produce the license at the time permits are issued.

Demolition Permit | Apply for a Demolition Permit

Film Production Ordinance | pdf: Film Production Ordinance

Home Occupation Permit | pdf: Home Occupation Permit

Homeowner Declaration | pdf: Homeowner Declaration

The Homeowner Declaration is for homeowners desiring to perform construction on their own real property

Permanent Sign Permit Application | pdf: Permanent Sign Permit Application

Permit Fee Schedule | pdf: Building Permit Fees

Pool/Spa Permit Application | pdf: Pool – Spa Permit Application

Residential Building Permit Application | Apply for a Residential Building Permit Application

Trade Permit Application | pdf: Trade Permit Application

Land Disturbance Application - Soil Erosian and Sedimentation Control - Land Disturbance Permit Application 

Request for Rezoning Approval Application | pdf: Request for Rezoning Approval Application  

Special Event or Festival Permit Application  | pdf: Special Event or Festival Permit Application

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) | pdf: Unified Development Ordinance     UDO Map | pdf: Unified Development Zoning Map

Hogansville uses the term Trade Permits to describe separate permits for Electrical, Mechanical (HVAC) and Plumbing work.

Human Resources

Application for Employment | Click HERE to Apply!


Application for Utility Senior Discount | pdf: Utility Senior Discount Application

Budget Billing Application | pdf: Budget Billing Application

Budget Billing Explained | pdf: Budget Billing Explained

Bulk Water Purchase | pdf: Miscellaneous Water Purchase Form

Cable Franchise Complaint Form | pdf: Cable Compliance

CAFI's Home Weatherization Program | pdf: CAFI Home Weatherization Program

Calculating Water Loss | pdf: Water Loss

Consumer Confidence Report | pdf: 2018 | pdf: 2017

Customer Contact Update Form | pdf: Customer Contact Update Form

Energy Efficiency Audit Request Form | pdf: Energy Audit Request

Energy Saver Guide | pdf: Energy_Saver_Guide-2017

How to Read Residential Electric and Natural Gas Meters

How to Read Your Hogansville Utilities Statement | Frequently Asked Questions

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program | pdf: LIHEAP

Residential Sanitation Guidelines | pdf: Residential Sanitation Guidelines

Service Agreement for Water/Electric/Natural Gas | pdf: Service Agreement

Wastewater Utility Use Ordinance | pdf: Wastewater Utility Use Ordinance 18-0827B ENACTED | Enforcement Response Plan

Utility Billing Insert Policy | pdf: Adopted Utility Billing Insert Policy

Utility Rates | pdf: Utility Rates

Your Household Water Quality: Odors in Your Water | pdf: Odors in Your Water


Governing Body

Application for Board or Commission Appointment Click Here to Apply

City Charter | pdf: 2016 07 01 Hogansville City Charter

City Manager Review Form | pdf: City Manager Review

Historic Preservation Guidelines | pdf: Historic Preservation Design Guidelines

Mayor-Council Work Order Request | pdf: Mayor-Council Work Order Request

Procedures for Public Hearings | pdf: Procedures for Public Hearings

Running for Municipal Elected Office in Georgia | pdf: Running for Municipal Elected Office in Georgia

If you would like to request to be placed on the Agenda at a City Council Meeting | Please Click Here for Request Form

Planning & Zoning / Community Development

2035 Comprehensive Plan Update | pdf: Hogansville 2035 Comprehensive Plan

A Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater Management | pdf: A Homeowners Guide to Stormwater Management

Downtown Hogansville Master Plan (Adopted 04/19/2018) | pdf: Adopted_Hogansville_Downtown_Master_Plan

Economic Growth | pdf: Economic Growth_HogansvilleTroup

Hogansville Community Profile: Hogansville Community Profile – April 2019

Hogansville Corridors – Redevelopment Plan 2018 (Adopted 11/05/2018) | pdf: Hogansville Corridors – Redevelopment Plan 2018

Hogansville Leakage Report | pdf: Hogansville Leakage Report 2018 July

The leakage report based on a 1-, 3-, and 5-mile radius from historic downtown Hogansville; anything highlighted in green will illustrate a market potential and anything in red indicates a surplus of related businesses or industries.

Hogansville Retail Marketing Package | pdf: Retail Marketing Package 2018 July

Interactive Link to Hogansville's Retail Marketing Package –

Housing Market Analysis – Executive Summary – Bleakly Advisory Group

Housing Market Analysis and Strategic Recommendations – Bleakly Advisory Group

Parade Permit | pdf: Parade Permit | Parade Regulations

Quick Stats | pdf: Quick Stats_HogansvilleTroup

Royal Theatre Master Plan (Adopted 07/16/2018) | pdf: Royal Theater Master Plan

Rural Zone Designation (Economic Development Incentives) | pdf: Page 1 of 2 | Page 2 of 2

Special Event or Festival Permit | pdf: Special Event or Festival

Zoning Map | pdf: Hogansville_Zoning_Map

Police Department

Citizen Complaint form – Hogansville Police Department | pdf: Citizen Complaint Form


Adopt A- Program | pdf: Adopt A- Program

In cooperation with Keep Troup Beautiful, you can "Adopt A-" mile of state highway, a county road, a city street, an unsightly spot in the community, or a corner, a city park, or your neighborhood!

Community Assistance Resources | pdf: Community Assistance

Great American Clean-up | pdf: Great American Clean-up Registration Form

Landlord-Tenant Issues and Handbook | pdf: Landlord-Tenant Issues and Handbook

The City of Hogansville cannot intervene in a dispute between a landlord or tenant, or force either party to take action. However, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) does offer information and general advice to Georgians with questions about residential landlord/tenant issues in The Georgia Landlord Tenant Handbook 2017. This free handbook covers Basic Tenant Rights; Lease and rental agreements; and Evictions.

Occupational License | pdf: Application to Operate a Business